There are several misconceptions about window tinting, which range from doubts regarding its advantages to the conflict in terms of its aesthetic appeal. As a matter of fact, a lot of people associate tinted windows with expensive cars with opaque and dark windows, which is not good for homes.

But, window tinting could be more advantageous than you think and this is what others don’t realize because of some misconceptions that are believed by many. Below are some of the most typical window tinting myths:

Too dark

This isn’t true at all. To have your windows tinted doesn’t imply that your rooms would be gloomy and dark and that you’ll never experience and delight in the sunlight anymore. Other films are actually made to be virtually unnoticeable to still make your windows transparent, providing you the selection of different room brightness with blinds or curtains.

Bad for plants

Too much of something can surely be damaging, and your plants could really dry out once they are overexposed to sunlight. To have your windows tinted can help your indoor plants to be hydrated and healthy by securing from excess sunlight and heat.

Prevent you from enjoying outdoor

In contrast to the famous belief, not all window films are reflective. Some films can make your windows transparent from the inside and opaque from the outside, and others are not reflective at all on both sides. Tinting your windows doesn’t imply that you won’t enjoy the view from the outside anymore once you install one.

Make your room appear unappealing

Window films come in an extensive range of options to select from, which can make it easier to choose a shade that will fit your windows. Also, there are films that are almost invisible and, if you prefer, you can always choose these kinds of films.

Too costly

Tinting your windows are, in fact, extremely cheap. The cost can be compared to having any window treatment but offers an extra advantage to make your property more energy-efficient. Moreover, window films can help minimize the cooling expense by preventing heat from escaping and insulating your property. Most of the time, tinting your windows can actually compensate itself in the energy you saved within a couple of years.

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